“We are glad you are here.  At Greyville Primary School we take pride in consistently encouraging safety, responsibility, respect and academic excellence.  I am sure the staff and School Governing Body will join me in saying Greyville Primary School is a wonderful and exciting place to learn and grow.  Our staff share the vision of moving students to academic excellence by helping them to become life long learners.

It is our hope that the website will provide you with timely information about our school.  We trust you will enjoy your visit and if you have a question or comment about Greyville Primary School, please share it with u

Mr Colin Francis – Principal

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The date 18 August 1965 is the most significant and historical day for the community of Greyville.   It was on this date that the portals of Greville Primary School were open to some 565 pupils, who had come with diverse ideas and backgrounds.  The school opened its doors to education 48 years ago and has played a vital role towards the social and educational upliftment of the community it has served over the years.  Consequently, it has established a commendable record of achievements in the academic and sporting spheres.

The school was established forty eight  years ago in a pre-fabricated building as a temporary arrangement with no specialized facilities.  Apart from these challenges, the process for educational learning has progressed at a tremendous pace.

Some of the first educators to serve the school with selfless dedication and loyalty include Miss. F. Gulbhai, Mr. M. Sookha, Miss. R. Docrat, Mr. C. M. Muthuray, Mr. D. Essa and Mr. A. E Sujee.

We play tribute to our predecessors and the many educators for their significant contribution towards establishing a firm foundation as the school grows in stature.